February 27, 2018


In a press conference on Tuesday for this coming world title twinbill, there happened a hot dispute between WBC bantam champ Luis Nery (25-0, 19 KOs) and former titlist Shinsuke Yamanaka (27-1-2, 19 KOs) on the gloves to be used for their highly anticipated rematch on Thursday in Tokyo, Japan.

The local promoter, Teiken Promotions, prepared Reyes gloves for both contestants as it respected the champfs nationality and believed that Nery would love to use Mexican brand of gloves. Nery, however, strongly insisted on using Winning gloves made in Japan since he won the first encounter by using Winning ones, kept on training with Winning in Mexico and prefers fighting with the same brand of gloves again. Yamanaka, on the contrary, supposed that the revancha would be competed with Reyes gloves and prepared to use Reyes throughout his training.

Lately each contestant may be allowed to use favorite gloves at his discretion if authorized and approved by the local jurisdiction and the world organization. Problem is that Luis Nery strongly suggested to have Winning gloves used by both as in their previous bout.

This matter will be discussed again and decided at the rules meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) and the final decision might be either of the three:

#1 Nery (Winning), Yamanaka (Reyes)
#2 Nery (Winning), Yamanaka (Winning)
#3 Nery (Reyes), Yamanaka (Reyes)

Time will tell.

Some thirty Mexican people gathered in the press conference including five-time world champ Jorge Travieso Arce. They came here to warmly support Mexicofs new hero Nery and see him win in the revancha.

Yamanaka, at the press conference, predicted his avenging victory, saying, gIt seems strange to me that the WBC green belt is in front of Nery, not before me on the desk. Now that I have made up my very best condition, Ifll win back my belt without doubt.h

The officials are as follows:

WBC 118-pound title bout
Luis Nery/#1 Shinsuke Yamanaka
Referee Mike Griffin (Canada); judges Alan Krebs, Kevin Scott and David Sutherland (all US); supervisor Duane Ford (US).

IBF 122-pount title bout

Ryosuke Iwasa/#13 Ernesto Saulong

Referee Kenny Chevalier (US); judges Ian Scott (New Zealand), Katsuhiko Nakamura (Japan) and Greg Ortega (Philippines); supervisor Ben Keilty (Australia)

It will be presented by Teiken Promotions to be telecast by Nippon Television in Japan and in Mexico as well.


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