November 27, 2016


Upcoming hard-puncher Takuya Mizuno (10-1-1, 10 KOs), 123.25, decked an important victory when he finally caught up with Indonesian super-bantam champ Jundullah M. Fauzan (7-2-1, 1 KO), 122, and sunk him for the count at 2:56 of the fifth round in a scheduled eight on Sunday in Kariya, Japan. The JBC#15 prospect Mizuno positively attacked the Indonesian champ from the outset, but Fauzan showed his good footwork to avert his punches and tried to counter the willing mixer. Mizuno, 21, sustained a cut caused by an accidental butt, but he eventually connected with a solid right following an effective combination in the fifth round. Down went Fauzan. He barely stood up but was duly counted out by the third man as he wasnft ready to resume fighting. Mizuno scored all wins by knockouts or stoppages to show his good power.

Kento Hatanaka, 114.5, the son of ex-WBC 122-pound champ Kiyoshi Hatanaka (the very first world titlist out of Nagoya), made a successful debut by scoring a quick halt of Takaaki Murakami, 112.75, at 1:43 of the opening session in a four-round bout. The 18-year-old Kento, formerly an amateur boxer with a 32-10 mark and still a high school student, displayed good combinations, dropping Murakami twice before the refereefs intervention. Kento said, gIfd like to be world champ like my father.h Good luck.

Promoter: Matsuda Promotions.


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