September 14, 2016


Aggressive Japanese, formerly WBC youth champ Takuya Watanabe (30-6-1, 16 KOs), 130, acquired the vacant WBO ASPAC belt when he withstood a furious assault of Thailander Amin Sor Wangmoo (14-2-2, 11 KOs), 130, in the second, fought back hard and halted him with a barrage of punches with the referee Suratfs intervention at 2:13 of the sixth round on Wednesday in Tokyo, Japan. Watanabe became the second WBO ASPAC titlist, following 140-pounder Akihiro Kondofs coronation on the previous night. Amin caught Watanabe with a wicked overhand right and had him reeling with rubbery legs in the second. Watanabe, however, regained his rhythm and power to batter the taller Thailander in every session thereafter. The ref finally declared a halt to save the loser from further punishment.

The scheduled main event, WBO ASPAC middleweight title bout between current Japanese champ Hikaru Nishida and ex-OPBF ruler Makoto Fuchigami was disappointingly cancelled because of Nishidaf unexpected accident three days before the fight. Nishida very unfortunately fell down the stairs of his Kawasaki Nitta Gym and had the head and cuirass hurt badly on Sunday, three days before the regional title bout with ex-OPPF titlist Makoto Fuchigami. Nishida, even on the next day, complained of dizziness and nausea after having MRI test, and the promoter Shosei Nitta made up his mind to cancel one of dual WBO ASPAC title bout.


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