July 28, 2016


OPBF super-feather champ, WBO#10 Masayuki Ito (19-1-1, 9 KOs), 130, kept his regional belt when he was awarded a TKO victory over game Filipino Ernie Sanchez (15-8-1, 6 KOs), 130, at 1:32 of the eleventh round on Thursday in Tokyo, Japan. The taller and faster Ito was in command from the outset, utilizing his hand speed and shifty footwork. But Sanchez, technically inferior, put on a do-or-die attack with a big overhand right or a bolo punch at a time, though losing most of rounds. The crowd appreciated his gameness and durability even if he was widely trailing on points. From the ninth on, Ito decively had the upper hand, peppering him with fast combinations to the face and midsection. The eleventh saw Ito catch up with the fading Filipino with furious combos, which finally prompted the referee Nakamurafs intervention.


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