May 28, 2016


Former WBO 105-pound champ, currently WBO#2/WBC#12 light-flyweight Kosei Tanaka (7-0, 4 KOs), 110.25, proved too fast and ferocious for IBF#10 Rene Patilano (15-2-2, 7 KOs), 108.5, from the Philippines, demolishing him with a furious combination at 2:23 of the sixth session on Saturday in Nagoya, Japan. But it wasnft as easy a fight as Tanaka, still 20, had boldly predicted as Patilano displayed a good heart in retaliating with solid combos to the fast-moving and swift-punching ex-champ who had recently renounced his WBO minimum belt by outgrowing the category. Tanakafs demonstration of sharper jabs had Patilano frustrated and his aggressive rallies had him retreating mostly in the contest. Patilano, however, put on a go-for-broke attack in the beginning of the fifth, but Tanaka gamely responded to his incessant attack with faster combos upstairs and downstairs. The fatal sixth saw Tanaka swarm over the fading foe with a fusillade of punches that finally sank him on the seat of trunks for the count. Tanaka said, gPatilano showed his experience and proved hefs a world contender.h The dejected loser praised the winner, saying, gTanaka was just faster than me. Thatfs all.h We admit Tanaka is a talented youngster, but he needs something more to learn.

Hatanaka Promotions.


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