May 7, 2016


The weigh-in in Japan is so efficient and well-scheduled that it usually ends in ten minutes, but today it took one hour forty minutes as the WBO#1 contender David Carmona had to reduce only half a pound over the 115-pound junior bantam limit. The defending champ Inoue successfully scaled in at the class limit at his first trip, drank water and quickly left the weigh-in place.

For the other world title bout, IBF junior flyweight ruler Akira Yaegashi tipped the beam at 107.5, while Mexican challenger Martin Tecuapetla 107.75?both under the 108-pound limit (do you know the light-flyweight or junior flyweight limit of 108 lbs?).

The Mexican Carmona looked weary after unwilling jogging when he returned to the scale, but he weighed in at 114 pounds, a pound under the 115-pound limit, unnecessarily having reduced 1.5 pounds down to 114. Eventually, Inoue 115, while Carmona 114. Period.

WBO officials:
Referee Eddie Claudio (US); judges Edward Ligas (Philippines), Ramon Cerdan (Argentina), Sawaeng Thaweekoon (Thailand); supervisor Luis Perez (Puerto Rico).

IBF officials:
Referee Gerard White (US), judges Daniel Sandoval (US), Bruce McTavish (New Zealand/Philippines), Katsuhiko Nakamura (Japan); supervisor Glen Hamada (US).

Many press people and cameramen were in hot water against Carmona since they were hungry enough to wait for 100 minutes additionally by sacrificing their lunch. Hunger is sharper than thorn.


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