May 4, 2016


Most of company men, in Japan, take ten consecutive holidays from April 29 to May 8, but boxing people and press people remain hard workers as we keep on working even during national holidays. On this coming Sunday we will see a world title doubleheader featuring title defenses of WBO junior bantam kingpin Naoya gMonsterh Inoue (9-0, 8 KOs) and IBF junior flyweight ruler Akira Yaegashi (23-5, 12 KOs) in Tokyo. The challengers both came from Mexico and arrived in Tokyo on Monday morning. They are WBO#1 115-pound contender David Carmona (20-2-5, 8 KOs) and IBF#10 108-pounder Martin Tecuapetla (13-6-3, 10 KOs).

The ambitious Mexicans participated in public workout for our press on Tuesday and expressed their motivation to dethrone our champions to bring home the belts. Last week we witnessed an unbelievable upset that formidable and unbeaten Takashi Uchiyama, in his twelfth defense of the WBA 130-pound belt, sank so quickly in only two sessions at the hand of unheralded Panamanian Jezreel Corrales. The fallout of the shocker prove that anything can happen in the ring, and even Inoue and Yaegashi, both prefight favorites, may fall if too overconfident and careless.

Carmona, 25, said gInoue is a strong champion, but Ifve come to win his belt. Ifm in perfect shape and will be victorious on Sunday.h Tecuapetla, 26, also boldly said, gYaegashi is an experienced and strong champion, and is very brave and aggressive. But Ifll dethrone him to bring the belt to Mexico.h After their press interview our journalists might feel another earthquake, which may be overanxious disorder.


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