April 27, 2016


On the undercard of the Uchiyama shocker, WBC#16 Japanese heavyweight champ Kyotaro Fujimoto (14-1, 7 KOs), 232.25, proved faster and more accurate than Australian Nathan McKay (6-3, 3 KOs), 267.75, winning a unanimous decision (80-73 twice and 80-72) over eight give-and-take rounds on Wednesday in Tokyo, Japan. Only once-beaten by Solomon Haumono in quest of the vacant OPBF belt in 2014, Fujimoto, 29, scored nine consecutive victories since including a couple of wins over ex-WBA interim 154-pound champ Nobuhiro Ishida.

Despite a shutout decision it wasnft an easy triumph for Kyotaro as the much taller and heavier McKay showed his resilience and retaliation with his best effort. The game Aussie almost had Kyotaro at bay midway in round four, but the Japanese fought back hard with solid combinations to make him a bloody mess with good jabs and left-right combos. From the sixth round on Fujimoto, a faster footworker, turned loose and attempted to finish him with stronger shots to McKay, who, however, showed his heart and durability to win the praise of the crowd. Fujimoto demonstrated his improvement on his abundant stamina and good footwork. Our people like him except his favorite red-dyed hair.


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