April 22, 2016

What a news it is! Although this reporter made out a draft of a press release?due to the local promoterfs request?for the press conference in Osaka on Thursday, I didnft know such a shocking announcement would be made on the next day there.

What I wrote: WBO female bantamweight champion Naoko Fujioka (14-1, 6 KOs) will put her belt on the line against former WBC flyweight titlist Go Shindo (16-3, 11 KOs), from Osaka, under the WBO headquartersf sanction at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, on June 13.

WHAT THEY ANNOUNCED: Shindo, whose real name is Megumi Hashimoto and who is really a girl, will undergo a transsexual operation afterward in Thailand and resume fighting as a male boxer from the next year on.

I am sorry to say that I am not so familiar with the so-called transsexual surgery, but within my limited knowledge Thailand is a world-famous place where the special man-to-woman or woman-to-man operation has been frequently made with a high technical standard.

This is a free world. You can lead a life as freely as you can within the law. Shindo, 28, previously failed to win the WBC 112-pound belt, losing a controversial split decision to Mariana Juarez in California in 2012, but wrested the same world throne via shutout decision over Hungarian southpaw Renata Szebeledi here in 2012 to successfully defend it twice prior to her forfeiture of the belt to Arely Mucino in Mexico in December 2014.

Shindo is an excellent and aggressive hard-puncher, while Fujioka, 40, is one of the best female boxers ever produced in Japan, having defeated Mariana Juarez in a non-title bout in Mexico last year. Her sole setback was inflicted by Susi Kentikian on points in Germany, but Fujioka (winner of many amateur tournaments here prior to her entry into the paid ranks at the age of 34; can you believe that an athlete makes a professional pro debut at thrity-four?; anything can possible in female boxing; we must forget our common sense) already won three world belts in as many weight categories to her credit. The Fujioka-Shindo is such a competitive confrontation that people including even those fans who arenft so much interested in the female boxing will pay great attention.

Shindofs future plan (that she announced at the press conference yesterday) is as follows: After a sex change operation she will change her/his name to Shindo Hashimoto. Shindo means gstraight way or straightforwardnessh in Japanese?for your reference. Shindo intends to go on fighting in the male boxing world. Therefore, hypothetically and legally, Shindo will have a possibility of acquiring both female and male world belts in the future. Anything can happen in the ring, but this reporter was too much shocked after reading a morning newspaper to eat a breakfast for a while yesterday. History may change like this.


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