December 30, 2014


Mexican Pedro Guevara (24-1-1, 16 KOs), 106.75, became the new WBC light-flyweight champion as he acquired the vacant belt by demolishing formerly two-time champ, Japanese veteran Akira Yaegashi (20-5, 10 KOs), 107.5, with a vicious body shot at 2:45 of the seventh round on Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan.

A stunning finish abruptly visited in the closing seconds of the fatal session, when Guevara, 25, landed a left hook to the belly of Yaegashi, 31, who knelt down in agony. People expected the ex-champ to stand up and resume fighting, but he winced and only endured the pain without regaining his feet. Referee Vic Drakurich, US, finished taking the ten count before Yaegashi managed to pull himself up.

Yaegashi, who yielded his WBC flyweight throne via KO route by Roman Gonzalez months ago, should have taken a more rest as he neither looked sharp nor speedy as usual. But he was fighting gamely as usual, but the open scoring system indicated that he was behind on points after the fourth: 39-37 twice for Guevara and 38-38.

The taller and younger Mexican also dominated the fifth with good combinations with precision and showed he was controlling the contest with sharp jabs and good right shots to the ex-champ whose left eye was puffed as the contest progressed.

Guevara reportedly took a qualification of being an attorney in Mexico, which may show his brain intelligence. He, in the ring, also demonstrated his ring intelligence and brings back a nice New Year gift, the green belt, for his family.

Unbeaten former Olympic gold medalist in London, WBC#8 middleweight Ryota Murata (6-0, 4 KOs), 161, won a unanimous decision (100-91, 100-90 twice) over Jessie Nicklow (24-5-3, 8 KOs), 162, over ten. Murata one-sidedly beat him up, but Nicklow displayed his durability and heart to refuse to go down throughout the contest.

Promoter: Teiken and Ohashi Promotions.


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