November 16, 2014


We, in Japan, will see at least eight world title bouts from now until the end of this year. All of them are so worth watching that our aficionados are now considering which to buy tickets of and which to watch on television. The highly sensational cards are as follows:

November 22, Yokohama

WBC super-featherweight title bout
Takashi Miura (Japan) vs. Edgar Puerta (Mexico)
WBC flyweight title bout
Roman Gonzalez (Nicaragua) vs. Rocky Fuentes (Philippines)

December 30, Tokyo

WBO junior bantamweight title bout
Omar Narvaez (Argentina) vs. Naoya Inoue (Japan)
WBC light-flyweight elimination bout
Pedro Guevarra (Mexico) vs. Akira Yaegashi (Japan)
WBC lightweight elimination bout
Jorge Linares (Venezuela/Japan) vs. Javier Pierto (Mexico)
Olympic gold medalist Ryota Murata (Japan) vs. Jessie Nicklow (US)

December 31

WBA super-featherweight title bout
Takashi Uchiyama (Japan) vs. Israel Perez (Argentina)
WBA super-flyweight title bout
Kohei Kono (Japan) vs. Norberto Jimenez (Dominican Republic)
WBA light-flyweight title bout
Alberto Rossel (Peru) vs. Ryoichi Taguchi (Japan)

Furthermore, it is said there will be another press conference this week that another world title bout may be added to this tight schedule for our press people. Never say gNo Mash as our free TV watchers whole-heartedly welcome many world title bouts happening in the end of the year.


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