September 16, 2014


In Japan there are many so-called or self-proclaimed geniuses, and we wonder who really the genius is. Our mass media sometimes misunderstands that gunbeatenh is synonymous with ggeniush. There shouldnft be so many geniuses at all. Though once beaten in his previous bout, however, two-time world champ Kazuto Ioka might be duly or possibly called genius thanks to his offensive and defensive excellence. Ioka (15-1, 9 KOs), 112, appeared for the first time since he failed to win his third world belt in the flyweight category from Amnat Ruenroeng and tasted his career-first setback this May, and defeated WBA#14 Colombian Pablo Carillo (15-3-1, 8 KOs), 112, by a unanimous decision over ten hard-fought rounds on Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan. The official tallies were 98-92, 99-91 and 99-93, all in favor of the 25-year-old ex-champ. But it wasnft an easy triumph for Kazuto, the nephew of formerly two-time world champ Hiroki Ioka, as he had a tough time coping with the aggressive and agile Colombian whose durability was beyond description. Moving to-and-fro and side-to-side, Ioka, a Sugar Ray Leonard admirer, kept outspeeding and outpunching the shorter Carillo, who showed his constant retaliation despite yielding the initiative to the Japanese. The eighth saw Carillo come out fighting with roundhouse shots, which occasionally forced Ioka to backpedal and circle to avert his furious attack. But Ioka was in command in the last two sessions and confirmed his victory over the much stronger opponent than expected. Ioka is gunning for a shot at a world flyweight championship in December.

Former WBA 105-pound ruler Ryo Miyazaki (21-1-3, 12 KOs), 107.75, returned to ring action from a third-round shocker by Thailander Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr. last December, and easily disposed of Indonesian Ichal Tobida (10-13, 8 KOs), 110, at 1:09 of the fifth round in a scheduled eight. Miyazaki, a short but strong puncher, outjabbed the taller Indonesian to take the initiative and finally connected with a smashing right to finish the overmatched opponent.

Itfs a night of ex-world championsf appearances. Former WBC flyweight titlist Malcolm Tunacao (35-3-3, 20 KOs), 116.75, a Japan-based Filipino southpaw, was awarded a technical decision (49-46 twice and 50-46) over Ryuta Otsuka (14-7-2, 4 KOs), 117, at 1:56 of the fifth session in a scheduled eight. Tunacao, already 37, wasnft so sharp but his superior experience prevailed to have him leading on points. Otsuka sustained a bad gash caused by accidental butts in round five, and it became worsened badly to have the third man call a halt due to the ringside physicianfs advice.

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