June 24, 2014


Slow and steady wins the race. Slow-punching and least skillful, WBC#10/WBA#14/IBF#8/WBO#10 Hisashi Amagasa (26-4-2, 18 KOs), 126, barely kept his OPBF featherweight belt when he had a difficulty coping with a shorter and overmatched Thailander named Maxsaisai Sithsaithong (14-5, 3 KOs), 126, missed plenty of punches into the air but finally halted him at 1:51 of the eighth session on Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan. The more aggressive Amagasa, an elongated awkward stylist, failed to catch the intimidated and inferior challenger in every round and was severely jeered by the crowd. The poor champ finally pinned the fading Thailander to the ropes and whipped him with inaccurate combinations, which caused the refereefs generous but unwelcomed stoppage. It was a lousy bout, and some wondered why Amagasa really reigned as the OPBF champ. He looked so poor, so inaccurate and so terrible.

Promoter: Kyoei Promotions.


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