April 14, 2014


Fast-moving speedster Shingo Eto (13-2-1, 8 KOs), 130.75, decked a very important victory over WBC#12 Filipino southpaw swinger Ryan Sermona (16-5, 9 KOs), 128.75, by a unanimous technical decision (59-55 twice, 59-56) at 2:26 of the sixth round on Monday in Tokyo, Japan. Shingo, the youngest of Eto brothers handled by ex-WBA junior fly world champ Yoko Gushiken who defended his belt thirteen times to his credit, kept circling and punching positively to pile up points steadily. Sermona, a harder puncher, kept swinging roundhouse left hooks with less precision and failed to catch up with the taller footworker. The fifth saw Sermona sustain a bad vertical gash on the forehead due to an accidental butt. The Filipino southpaw again suffered a severer and deeper laceration on the same place of the forehead that prompted the refereefs intervention due to the ring physicianfs advice. The ref Tsuchiya called a halt and took a technical verdict in favor of the upset winner Eto. His manager/promoter Gushiken was so jubilant that he said, gShingo showed his best tonight, and he will zoom up as a world contender. He trained very hard this time to win this game.h Sermonafs gash required 24 stitches that showed how deep and wide his cut was.

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