February 28, 2014


Hard-punching southpaw, former Japanese champ Shinya Iwabuchi (23-4, 19 KOs), 143.75, decked an important triumph when he came off the canvas in the third session, had the tide turn with his last surge and finally halted WBO#12 super-lightweight Jimrex Jaca (37-7-3, 22 KOs), 140.25, a Filipino lefty counterpuncher, at 0:45 of the seventh round in a scheduled eight on Friday in Tokyo, Japan. Iwabuchi previously renounced his national belt and had an ambitious shot at the OPBF 140-pound belt against Min-Wook Kim only to lose a close but unanimous verdict (117-115, 116-1114, 116-113) last April.

In earlier rounds Iwabuchi, a muscular hard-hitter, looked too nervous and stiff to smoothly throw combinations to the fast-moving Filipino, who occasionally scored quick countering left crosses over the onrushing Japanese. Jaca, who had gradually moved up from the 122-pound division to the 140-pound category due to a Pacquiao-like tradition, proved sharper and smarter, dropping the game rival on the knee with a crisp compact southpaw left midway in the third. Iwabuchi, however, started his engine in round four, when he connected with heavier lefts and rights to the moving target. Jaca coming back in rounds five and six, Iwabuchi turned loose and had the Filipino staggering to the ropes in the fatal seventh. Shinyafs furious attack effectively caught Jaca to have him rubbery-legged, when referee Fukuchi wisely called a halt to save the loser from further punishment.

Jacafs chief second Franklin Albia made a protest against the stoppage though he admit Jaca was apparently hurt, saying, gJaca may or may not recover from the damage should it be continued. Jaca might be able to survive the critical moment.h Japan this year had a pitiful victim due to a ring tragedy, and all bouts seem to have been halted earlier since thereafter. Jaca admit Iwabuchifs hard-punching ability but wishes a grudge fight with him.

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