February 15, 2014


Our Japanese culture anciently came from China through Korea and partly from China directly. We use Chinese letters on behalf of your alphabet, and created our own letters by modifying the original Chinese letters. One of them is an adjective gkashimashiih with three letters meaning ggirlh in combination, which means gnoisyh. Thatfs true. A female tripleheader with as many world titles at stake will be held in Tokyo, Japan, on March 3, which will be certainly a noisy and exciting event with many female adherents yelling for their dearest idols. It was publicly announced at the Ohashi gym on Friday.

WBC atomweight (102-pound) champ Momo Koseki (17-2-1, 4 KOs) will make her thirteenth defense against Angor Onesongchaigym (5-0, 3 KOs) of Thailand over ten rounds. WBA light-minimumweight (also 102-pound despite a difference of the class name) ruler Ayaka Miyao (16-5-1, 1 KO) will defend her belt against Buangern Onesongchaigym (10-4-1, 1 KO), Thailand, over ten. Newly crowned IBF light-flyweight titlist Naoko Shibata (11-3, 3 KOs) will put her belt on the line against Mexican Guadalupe Martinez (6-5, 3 KOs) over ten.

Should Koseki, a 31-year-old southpaw, be victorious, she will tie the Japanese record of most defenses registered by former WBA junior fly champ Yoko Gushiken in 1980. Gushiken, now 58, lately encouraged a modest and shy champ Koseki to successfully keep it to catch up with his mark. Miyao and Shibata also expressed their strong wish to show the best and keep the belts. The triple-girl (AKA noisy) event will take place at the Korakuen Hall with East Japan Professional Boxing Association (East JPBA) as local promoter. This reporter will go and see the boisterous event by bringing earplugs.


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