December 21, 2013


WBC female flyweight champ Go Shindo (13-2, 8 KOs), 112, successfully made her first defense as she came off the canvas in the second round, kept outspeeding game but flat-footed Mexican Judith Rodriguez (6-7, 4 KOs), 110, winning a unanimous decision over ten hard-fought rounds on Sunday in Wakayama, Japan. All judges from Korea, Chansoo Kim, Jangsoung Kim and Junbae Lim, identically tallied 96-94 in favor of Shindo. The referee was Hisatoshi Miyazaki (Japan) who handled the fast-moving girls well. Shindo, who dethroned Hungarian Renata Szebeledi this May, made a good start by displaying her superior speed on hand and foot to win the opening session with ease. Shindo, five years her junior at 26, was also in command with her speed and skills in round two, at the end of which, however, Rodriguez connected with a vicious right hook to the champfs face, flooring the champ to the deck. It was a flash knockdown, but it inevitably changed Shindofs strategy. The champ paid her respects to Rodriguezfs solid counters in the close range, and tried to keep her distance without mixing it up recklessly.

After the fourth, the open scoring system indicated: 38-37 twice for Shindo and 38-37 for Rodriguez.

From the fifth, Shindo applied hit-and-run tactics and utilized quick jabs and left-right combinations, while Rodriguez maintained the pressure to the elusive champ. The Mexicanfs aggressiveness dominated the seventh round. After the seventh, the official tallies were: 67-66 for Shindo and 66-66 twice. It became a three-round fight.

It was Shindo that showed her speed in throwing jabs and combinations more busily than the fading Mexican in the last three sessions. Rodriguez attempted to keep staling the fleet-footed champ, but failed to throw many punches to take points.

Shindo said, gIfm happy to score the first defense. Rodriguez was a hard-puncher, and I followed my cornerfs instructions to keep my foot busy. Next time Ifd like to show a better performance.h The good loser Rodriguez said, gI have no complaints on the official verdict, but I wanted the champ to exchange more punches with me because Shindo was running all the way.h

It was a much more competitive fight than people expected due to Rodriguezfs rather mediocre credentials. The Mexican girl showed her heart as the champion did. It was such a good fight that it fully entertained the local aficionados.

Promoter: Kuratoki Promotions.

WBC supervisor: Ken Morita (Japan).


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