September 16, 2013


The sensational encounter of Floyd gMoneyh Mayweather and Saul gCaneloh Alvarez was shown live here in Japan with this observer as one of commentators along with former Olympic middleweight gold medalist in London, Ryota Murata. We appreciated and admired Moneyfs remarkable speed and reflexes with which he handled Canelo with great ease. He seldom absorbed the bigger and more powerful Mexicanfs vaunted power punches and impressively averted almost all solid shots thrown by Canelo. This reporter, after broadcasting, deeply thought over how to defeat Mayweather and what strategy to be applied.

Were you good at mathematics when young? You may remember ghomothetich (similar figure) in geometry. You are hoped to imagine the homothetic in having some special stylists against Mayweather in the pound-for-pound manner.

1. JOE FRAZIER stylist
Smoking Joe, in his prime, boasted of his onrushing pressure, busy body movement and lethal weapon of left hooks. Incessantly weaving, ducking and bobbing, Frazier kept boring in to batter his opponent downstairs and upstairs. He was fast and durable enough to defeat anybody. A hypothetical Joe Frazier stylist may keep smoking and avert Floydfs quick shots with his body work to wear him down with his trademark body bombardment. He may finally catch up with Mayweather in the end and may floor him with a devastating left hook in the last round.

To defeat Mayweather, you need not knock him out but just outscore him with your strategy, which consists of the following: (1) keep your distance, (2) keep your footwork busy, and (3) keep jabbing all night. Thatfs all. It was Hedgemon Lewis that completely frustrated and befuddled Jose gMantequillah Napoles in their first encounter in 1971. Lewis refused to mix it up and kept moving to and fro, jabbing and jabbing all the way. Your jab should be as fast as Floydfs. A jabber can beat a jabber. It was previously proved as Paul Pender utilized his left hand to defeat Sugar Ray Robinson, or Ken Norton outjabbed Muhammad Ali in their first encounter. Donft throw your right hand often but concentrate on jabbing Mayweather from the outset to the end. There may be a couple of C.J. Rosses that will favor you, if fortunate.

3. THOMAS HEARNS stylist
You may remember Hearns with his hard-punching ability along with his fragile chin (exposed by Iran Barkley) or physical stiffness (as he moved up to heavier classes). But Motor City Cobra, in his welterweight days, was a fine boxer with tremendous hand speed and footwork with his gifted height and reach. A Thomas Hearns stylist, with his good physical advantage, may outpunch the much shorter Mayweather. Donft hit left hooks but fight with only straight punches to keep your distance, land them on the gloves, shoulder and arm of Money and show your superiority in the volume of punches. Mayweather, already 36, is always economical in distributing his stamina. Donft make Mayweather come close to you with your long punches thrown all night.

Mayweather has defeated his opponents by virtue of his marvelous reflexes to nullify their attack. If so, we may book another marvel of defensive skills. Against Mayweather we present Sweet Pea Whitaker, the literally guntouchableh, who could have his opponent missing all punches in the air with his excellent defensive skills. Furthermore, Whitaker was southpaw. It may have a possibility that his puzzling southpaw stance should frustrate Mayweather until the end.

To beat Mayweather you must possess your competitive speed on hand and foot. You are also hoped to hit harder than Floyd. Furthermore, you must have mental and spiritual power that may turn the tables and score a come-from-behind victory when both contestants become slowing down in later rounds. It is Sugar Ray Leonard that can be so much gifted that he may outhustle Mayweather in championship rounds. Remember his first Hearns fight, when Leonard displayed his tremendous fighting spirit and furious combination to knock him out of the ropes. Itfs Leonardfs recuperative power that converted a defeat into a victory. Leonard has his firing ggo-for-brokeh heart that may catch up with Mayweather, who may eventually fall then and there.

This reporter appreciates your attending the show of imagination, where anything can happen. With your knowledge of boxing history, you may enjoy your own imagination by having Mayweather cope with some historical greats. How about Gene Tunney against Mayweather? Should we make Tunney as small as 152 pounds and make him train under the modern ring science, he may find some smart fight plan to beat Mayweather. He twice defeated Jack Dempsey. Why not Mayweather once?


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